"Who else wants to learn the hidden
secrets to getting yourself to apply and stick to your weight loss programme without that sense of struggle, effort and obligation"

(Even if you've found it impossible to get yourself to do what you know you should do, and even want to do, up until now) 

In this unique guide to getting into action you'll be given the master key to losing weight and keeping it off.   It will allow  you to easily tap into the true benefits of any reputable weight loss programme, eating plan or exercise regime (even the ones you've tried in the past) because all you need to do  - is get yourself to follow through 
And that's excatly what the APPLIER MINDSET will show you how to do...

With my "Applier Mindset Formula" you'll easily discover:

  • How to move from knowing what to do, to finally doing what you know! 
  • Mindset keys to get started, stick to it and stay on track, regardless of what occurrs
  • A powerful ritual to get yourself to act on anything you choose in 3 minutes or less
  • The 10 core principles that will not just get you into action but skyrocket the results you get.
  • The secrets to lining up to efficient, comfortable and self-sustaining action for anything 
  • How to move from self-sabotaging action to action that really lasts
  • How to willingly do the (necessary) things you haven't been willing to do YET 
  • Proven ways to get the changes you want on AUTO-PILOT so the action takes care of itself..
  • How to motivate yourself to do what's required  in an atmosphere of ease
  • And much much more, because what you'll get is a proven action generator template you can use to tackle every facet of losing weight, from eating healtier, to getting to the gym, to preparing and taking your lunch to work and right down to remembering to take your supplements.
Hi, my name is Craig Elliot, Mindset Coach and Creator of the "Get the Fat out of Your Head" course.  In coaching clients daily in the area of weight loss for over ten years, I found that by far the most common challenges are: Why can't I get myself to do it? Why can't I stick to it? I know what I should be doing and I can even see that what I am doing simply isn't working, but ...
So I discovered that for most people, knowing what to do isn't the problem, I also found that  most people are using totally inefective strategies to try and get themselves to do what they need to do.  
There is an easy way and a hard way to apply!  
The Applier Mindset provides the mental and emotional software that will transform your efforts and make all that you need to do on a physical level (to lose weight and keep it off) doable, easier and self sustaining.

         "So Why Apply?" - you ask
           You've probably already proven that, over and over, and over!
         >>It's really what you do with what you know that makes the difference<<      
The Applier Mindset Principles and techniques are intended to be integrated into the soon to be released Get the Fat out of Your Head course - however due to demand I have bought this together in the Applier Mindset Manual first and it will only be available in this form for a limited time before it goes into the larger home study course which will sell for $247.00..

Until then you can  you can get your copy for
$247.00    $29.97nzd

For the launch period I will also be offering a special bonus  
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"I wanted to be fitter, stronger and more motivated.  I had two challenges: getting myself into activity and getting past the first 10 minutes of any exercise. I hired a Personal Trainer, whilst she had the exercise and diet eating plan for me, nobody could have done what Craig and I had.  The motivation, determination and self belief was set firmly in my mind. After six months, I am now at a healthy weight, I work out 4-5 times a week. Craig is very professional and committed”.   C Doreen, Auckland     

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"The things that I've wanted to change (some of which I have tried to address before) have finally shifted, your techniques are very powerful. This is something I haven’t experienced before. How can I say thank you enough!! My Husband thanks you also. I am now a much easier person to live with!!"
Thanks again  Jennifer

 Hi Craig, I refer all the people I know to you that need assistance as I think what you do has been the most beneficial help I had ever experienced, hence I don't need another appointment at this time...............I’m on top of my game.  I don't even have to listen to music that much this week and I’m not eating chocolate.  Jillie

I understand I am receiving an "Ironclad Money Back Guarantee": It's simple: if after faithfully applying the ideas in the Applier Mindset Manual, you are not satisfied with the changes or relevant progress you have achieved, I will gladly give you your money back.

I chose Craig, because he has the practical ability but he also understands the human mind. Believe me when I tell you Craig ensures your mind becomes an asset. In the last 9 months I have more than doubled my income and my stress levels have plummeted.  I have found Craig to operate with absolute professionalism and integrity. Craig has a unique ability to find out the core issues that are hindering our abilities to succeed be that personally or professionally.  So much so I am introducing him to my business clients. I don’t write testimonials lightly. I am happy to talk on the phone if you need any further clarification. Kind Regards, S Baker, Wellington.  

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